Gun for you

Posted on 15. 1. 2023 in Služby by

I`ve always been so different; I`ve behaved very differently from other girls. And I was more of a wild person, and I was more inclined to have the fun that guys like. And maybe I enjoyed shooting rocks at people or something like that. I also remember that time and time when my parents used to call me a boy and not a girl. But don`t blame me if I had two older brothers and I also grew up with kids who were mostly boys. And it was even strange that in elementary school, they were mostly boys, too. There were twenty boys and eight girls in our primary school. So, you can imagine that we girls were really in a bad mood.

The guns are for everybody.

So, I figured, since I`m like this, I`m not going to hide it and behave the way I want to. And then when a friend of mine told me I wanted to try shooting a gun, too, I got scared at first. Me, a gun? I mean, I`ve never held a gun in my hand, and I don`t even know how to use it. So a friend told me that we would try to go to Prague, where there is such a special centre and a special shooting range where every person can shoot a gun. And I was hesitant, and I was like, „Try to have everything in your life.“ So I thought I`d give it a shot, actually, that I had nothing to worry about.

The hunting is very interesting.

And if I change my mind, I don`t have to do it. No one`s going to make me want to know if he can fire a gun or not. In the end it turned out that I totally really liked shooting a lot and I thought I`d pay for a gun shooting course at this beautiful shooting in range. And luckily it worked, and I`m glad I`ve been able to shoot ten times. And it’s actually kind of relaxing and I always really relax at shooting and clear my head, so I`m more relaxed. Because I`m choleric, so I need somewhere to have energy and I`m also somewhere to rest and already shooting a gun it`s actually practical and enjoyable. Try shooting range.